American Eagle is reaching out to the Muslim community and offering up a denim hijab for sale at its online locations.

So much for the American in the Eagle. Apparently, a hijab is now considered traditional American garb?

The company’s nabbed the services of Muslim model Halima Aden to style the head covering and help sell it to America’s youth.

“She caught our attention at 2016’s Miss Minnesota USA, where she competed in a burkini & hijab,” tweeted American Eagle, beneath a fast-moving few-second video of Aden doing a few dance steps in the streets while wearing various outfits all capped by the hijab.

“Wear it your way,” the product details read. “Make it as original as you are.”

Just don’t let ISIS see you. Or disapproving dads who wouldn’t hesitate an honor kill on their too-Westernized daughters.

The advertising campaign didn’t get into all that. But let’s be real. The hijab isn’t exactly a fashion statement. It’s a sign of female enslavement, all in the name of Allah.

That’s not to say women who wear it can’t look pretty, though.

But beware the acid. That’s all I’m sayin.

Nike’s recently come out with a hijab as well.

“It you have a body, you’re an athlete,” is that company’s tag line about its hijab.

That’s perhaps a bit of a stretch on standards. But it’s a nice slogan — a nice inclusive reach-out to the couch potato crowd. And the Muslims.

  • EJ Doyle

    I’d bet all of your money that the company and it’s ad firm are run by folks who are Chewish.

    • Awaiting moderation

      Merchandising Merchandising Merchandising!

      • EJ Doyle

        LOL, yep

    • Daruka

      Want to really see Muslims heads explode? Make wearing a hijab the new hot fashion thing for women All women will want to wear one and then go to the bar or pub , and drink with your friends and make out in public. Watch the Muslims heads explode. hahahah

      • gmatch

        The Saudi Arabia Muslims are best friend with your great leaders whether it is Trump or Obama or Bush.

      • Anti Everything

        And eat lots of pork!

        • Zaphod Braden

          BACON hijabs

      • EJ Doyle

        LOL, truely a good laugh here. What a great idea. Street walkers, chicks in bikinis, getting arrested on Cops for hooking. Eating BLT sandwiches… : -))) Great one.

  • gmatch

    Have you forgotten that the current regime in Washington just loves the Saudi Arabia Wahabbis? What is your problem? America is populated by many religious nut cases.

  • Anti Everything

    This could have a reverse profit effect.

  • Mahmoud Ajaj

    Some of the comments are so effing disgusting. Pure hate. Man the zionist and media did a hell of job on both sides whether Christian or Muslim. First off I know some of u assholes on here are paid to spew hate,but the rest which God almighty gave u some kind of intellect. You guys need some serious help.there is no us and them we are all humans brothers and sisters from Adam and eve . Shame on you .would u ever disrespect a nun wearing her hijab the way you disrespect Muslim women that are choosing to wear hijab to protect their temple. No one is forcing majority of them to wear it. It’s actually liberating to Muslim women,because they don’t have to worry about all the pressure society puts on a women and her looks. Plus the smart one knows and it’s been no longer look at them as sex objects,but fellow female human beings. Deep down inside u know I’m right stop being proud and arrogant. Arrogance I’d from the devil.may God almighty protect us all(humanity)

    • NazdaPokmov

      Your “god” is nothing more than a paedo….with a cult not a real religion…… GFY thank you…..

      • Mahmoud Ajaj

        I’ll be standing in front of God on judgment day to witness against you 😉

        Enjoy the rest of your hate filled miserable life

        • NazdaPokmov

          I am perfectly happy now and forever. You’re going to be in for a huge surprise when you drop dead…..!!!!!

  • NazdaPokmov

    “Wear it your way”. I’d wear it as an outside my pants diaper…… Note to self….don’t buy anything from these idios anymore……

  • NazdaPokmov

    “Wear it your way”. I’d wear it as an outside my pants diaper…… Note to self….don’t buy anything from these idios anymore…… just another way to cash in on the musslims.