A group of Colombian men in a three-way gay relationship have celebrated getting married.

The trio describe themselves as a “polyamorous couple”, and have taken advantage of the Latin American state’s unusually permissive legal approach to marriage.

Colombia is a rarity in recognizing both gay marriage and polygamy – to the apparent delight of Hugo Prada, John Alejandro Rodriguez and Manuel Jose Bermudez, who live in the city of Medellín.

According to the AFP news agencyPrada, Rodriguez and Bermudez are the first to officially secure a three-person single sex marriage.

Prada, who works as an actor, said: “We wanted to validate our household… and our rights, because we had no solid legal basis establishing us as a family. This establishes us as a family, a polyamorous family. It is the first time in Colombia that has been done.”

  • anonymous4u4me

    Coming to a theater near you soon.

  • Jimmy Yost

    I had to look at this stupidity to see if it was about the District of Colombia.

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    Yup it’s called a clusterfk

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    There was the time of Illuminism and Reason. There was the time of Romanticism and Sentiments. Now is the time of Madness and Freaks.
    Julius Cesar used to say: everything changes and goes away. This will change and go away, too, and become history.

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      Aids and HIV will hasten the process.

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    Plenty of freedom for this but if you try to make a difference for society in good terms you will be treated like King or Malcolm-X.

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    The freak show will be stopping in your town next.