• Milly Vanilly

    Well the U.S. government stopped co-operating with Russia a LONG time ago but has continued to LIE about it.

  • Kent Ford

    what the hell is wrong with all the orange clown supporters? the morons should know that we have no business at all in syria, the russians were invited there to fight ISIS , AND THIS COUNTRY WAS NEVER SUPPOSE TO BE THERE, the clown is a war criminal ,we need to leave there……..

    • gmatch

      It is the era of Trump: hatred, stupidity and theft. The Trump crowd is infected like Nazi Germany was.

    • Zaphod Braden

      Trump is too entangled with Jews …… it is his downfall.

  • Zaphod Braden

    The US is committing war crime just by putting troops/planes inside Syria’s border. They are establishing the Precedent for Mexico/China or whomever to enter/occupy the US (Texas-California) as the Obama/Clinton/Soros “color revolution” gets underway. Donald Trump -IS- Bashar AlAssad as the exact same Players are perpetrating the exact same Coup here. The same accusations and staged provocations

  • Jo Syphus

    During cold war US fought USSR tooth and nail to keep communism away from America. Now that communism is well entrenched in the West US is fighting Russia, tooth and nail to keeps Russians from bringing capitalism back to the US. The demagogues doing the fighting as the same Russian Jews who switched sides as a result of open emigration. They would take a train to Vienna as Jews, then Tel Aviv. Would not accept Israeli citizenship and apply for green cards to US as Russians