Governments and schools governments should be teaching kids to have fewer children in order to reduce climate change.

That’s according to a study published in Environmental Research Letters, in which University of British Columbia grad student Seth Wynes and Sweden’s Lund University professor Kimberley Nicholas calculate how individual actions cut greenhouse gas emissions.

They claim having one fewer child is a “high impact action” far eclipsing any other in effectiveness.

The study has received widespread attention, reported uncritically in the mainstream media, such as the left-leaning U.K. Guardian, and generating controversy across the conservative blogosphere and Twitter.

But Steven Mosher, president of the Virginia-based Population Research Institute, blasted the suggestion as “ridiculous” and “dangerous,” and the study as “climate extremism masquerading as science.”

The study “is not science but rank speculation, and should emphatically not be used as the basis for government policy,” he told LifeSiteNews in an email.

The study looks at the effect of individual actions on cutting carbon emissions, which has to happen to meet Paris Agreement goals, the authors contend.

Everyone must “grow up accustomed to a lifestyle that approaches the 2.1 tonnes per person annual emissions budget necessary by 2050 to meet the 2 °C climate target” of that agreement, which 195 countries signed on to in 2015.

“It is especially important that adolescents are prepared for this shift,” write Wynes and Nicholas.

A World Bank data-map alleges that Canadian emissions are at 13.5 tonnes per person, U.S. and Australian at around 16 per person, Russian at 12.4, and Saudi Arabia at 18.

Going car-free was an annual savings of 2.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, not eating meat a savings of 0.8, and cutting back one transatlantic flight a year saed 1.6, they calculated.

But having one fewer child would save 58.3 tonnes per year, the study alleges.

The authors also surveyed high school textbooks from seven Canadian provinces and discovered that none of these textbooks taught that having fewer children would reduce climate change.

That should change, say Wynes and Nicholas.

Teenagers “should be informed of the environmental consequences of family size as they are likely becoming sexually active,” the study states.

Wynes told LifeSiteNews it’s not necessarily about having fewer children.

“Although every person added to the planet adds more emissions, the central issue is not having more children, but the high-consumption society that those children are born into,” he said.

“If national emissions decrease drastically, then the effect of having an additional child can be 17 times less.”

Nevertheless, the authors appear to have anticipated pushback.

“Some high-impact actions may be politically unpopular,” they write, “but this does not justify a focus on moderate or low-impact actions at the expense of high-impact actions.”

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