Google has revealed an additional four steps it will take in order to tackle online terror. The pledge came via a post on the company blog written by Kent Walker, Google’s General Counsel, acknowledging the scale and scope of its YouTube and Google platforms, and the “uncomfortable truth […] that more needs to be done. Now”.

Before going into detail on what shape the extra steps will take, Walker outlines the existing measures the company is already taking to help prevent the distribution and redistribution of terrorist material. This ranges from the thousands of employees Google has reviewing content, to technologies and systems that automatically prevent the upload and re-upload of known terrorist material, to the government and law-enforcement co-operation that the company is involved in.

Throughout the post, attention is paid to the company’s desire to achieve a balance between open and free societies and the prevention of terrorist actions that aim to erode these same values.

The steps

The first step is to devote more engineering resources and advanced machine learning to improve Google’s identification software. This is the software that will ideally help identify inappropriate videos automatically and distinguish between propaganda or glorification of terrorist content and legitimate reports on such content by reputable journalistic networks.

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    Who says we need Google? There is another internet already established, the so called darknet, it is not criminal but holds lots of information.

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