If there’s one thing we can all say about Ron Paul, it’s that he knows how to get headlines, and he always seems to be calling Donald Trump onto the proverbial carpet. This isn’t to say that the President shouldn’t be criticized — to the contrary, the very nature of democracy demands that we call our leaders to the carpet. However, did Ron Paul go too far with this comment about Donald Trump?

According to The Daily Sheeple, Ron Paul — a former Congressman — made the bold declaration about Donald Trump on what would have been JFK’s 100th birthday.

Paul issued the statement on his Facebook page, presumably as a response to Rep. Al Green (D-TX) and his call for Trump’s impeachment, according to the outlet.

“Kennedy angered the Deep State, National Security establishment when he negotiated with Russia to end above-ground nuclear testing, promised to remove American troops from South Vietnam, and began secret talks to end the Cold War with Russia and Cuba. If history repeats itself, Trump is apparently treading on thin ice from members within his own government. If Kennedy was assassinated by nefarious secret government entities within the Deep State, that same apparatus may come after Trump, too.”

But is the Deep State real? And are Ron Paul’s warnings to and about Donald Trump justified?

According to The Nation, the so-called “deep state” is a term that was previously confined to so-called “conspiracy theory” sites, but has gained more mainstream traction in recent years.

And while the concept of a deep state is nothing new, it does imply that there is a cabal of nefarious, and secret, individuals that control both the United States government and governments all over the world.

But, according to The Nation, even if we assume that the deep state is real, do they really have the kind of power that “conspiracy theorists” and Ron Paul claim they have?

“Much of the writing frames the question as Trump versus the Deep State, but even if we take the ‘deep state’ as a valid concept, surely it’s not useful to think of the competing interests it represents as monolithic, as David Martin in an e-mail suggests. Trump, who presents as pure id wrapped in ambition motived by appetite, wants it all—which makes him both potentially useful and inherently unstable, simultaneously a product and target of the deep state.”

  • George_Costanza

    Sorry Ron, not going to happen.
    Too many people like Trump, and are willing to stand in front of him.