• Raoul

    Jeff Sessions needs to end the witch hunt, which began after he voluntarily recused himself from any Russiagate investigation. His assistant AG then jumped at the opportunity to appoint a special counsel. The intelligence agencies don’t like Trump and will ride roughshod over his administration until it shows some backbone. Everybody knows that Sessions was manipulated into a position of ineffectiveness, and nobody would blame him for putting a stop to the coup now. He needs to fire his asst AG and announce an end to the obviously partisan “investigation,” which is now harassing Trump’s family. Shut down the special counsel NOW and launch a dozen investigations into the Clinton Foundation, Loretta Lynch, Comey’s perjury and so on. Do it now, before it’s too late.

  • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill

    looks like Mueller trying to save his butt over the 9/11 cover up

  • Freedoms Waining

    No kidding-A COUP?