President Donald Trump said Thursday that contrary to what former President Barack Obama has said, “nuclear” is the greatest threat to the world, not global warming.

When asked what his priorities are as it applies to the nuclear posture, the president said he would like to “de-nuke the world.”

“I would like to de-nuke the world. I know that President Obama said global warming is the biggest threat. I totally disagree. I say that it’s a simple one: Nuclear is our greatest threat worldwide. Not even a question, not even close,” Trump told reporters in Bedminster, N.J.

As previously reported, in 2015, Obama said “there’s no greater threat” than climate change and that it “poses immediate risks to our national security.”

Trump said he wants countries that have nuclear weapons to “get rid of them,” but until then, he wants the U.S. to be “the most powerful nuclear nation on Earth.” He said that’s the first order he gave to his generals.

“So I’d like to de-nuke the world. I would like Russia and the United States and China and Pakistan, and many other countries that have nuclear weapons, get rid of them, but until such time as they do, we will be the most powerful nuclear nation on Earth by far,” he said.

“The first order I gave to my generals, as you know — you know, Mike — my first order was:  I want this, our nuclear arsenal, to be the biggest and the finest in the world, and we spent a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of effort, and it’s in tip-top shape, and getting better and getting stronger,” Trump said.

“And until such time as this scourge disappears, we will be so much better and so much stronger than anybody else, and nobody, including North Korea, is going to be threatening us with anything,” the president said.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    “we must not allow a mine shaft gap!”
    briliant movie but no way to run a nation that wants to rebuild its past greatness,just as the brilliant movie “Blazing saddles”was no way for the bush krew to run the nation.
    make a deal.

  • gmatch

    Nukes are the only medicine to get rid of the Judea-American cancer.

  • garwain

    Erratum..for the word “nukes” please substitute the words… “US Government”.

  • ddearborn


    Actually right this minute the biggest threat to “global warming” are the 100 largest cargo ships currently operating around the globe. Collectively the pour out more air pollution than all the cars on the planet…..