• tom

    I disagree with Gabbard on one point- “We” does not include me, even though I AM an American. I never gave approval to any of this crap. So Ms Gabbard, in the future be more accurate in your statements regarding Americans actual participation in and support of genocide! You know who did it so name the culprits instead of the age-old adage of “We” Americans did this or that or supported this or that. There is no “We” in dictatorship.

    • gmatch

      You did! Because you didn’t fight your Nazi governments! Remember Nuremberg – the American criminals had they audacity to tell the German people they were all participants of Nazi crimes. So – take responsibility – and take your fascist government out! Many Germans lost their lives in fighting the Nazis! Where are your real heroes American?

      • jerry hamilton

        Next thing you will be telling them to take responsibility for Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows.

  • Tom

    This afternoon I watched an HBO docudrama on the life of mob boss John Gotti, a murdering racketeer with no conscience. When I went online again I found a Stephen Lendman article on CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s recent comments in Aspen, CO still open in which Lendman goes through Pompeo’s lies line by line. And I realized that the only difference between Gotti’s crimes and what the US does as standard policy is a matter of scale. Gotti, even though he ran an organization turning hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit revenue per year and killing anyone who got in their way, was small potatoes compared to the US racket, which kills hundreds of thousands of people and either skims or steals outright trillions of dollars from the world economy. Gotti died in prison in 2002 after serving 10 years of a life sentence. Everyone involved in running the US-Global crime syndicate should suffer the same fate.

  • gmatch

    Former military stooges have no credibility. Regardless what they say.

  • Tim Hadfield

    Fantastic woman – a true American hero.