MATT AGORIST–If you get your news from mostly far left sources, chances are you’ve heard YouTube and Google are censoring or blacklisting left and progressive sites and content. Conversely, if you get your news from far right sources, chances are you’ve heard YouTube and Google are censoring their content as well. If you want to know which side is being truthful in trying to expose their censorship, it is both of them.

In the last week, we’ve witnessed a massive crackdown on alternative media — the likes of which are unprecedented. Quite literally overnight, YouTube issued a sweeping update and demonetized thousands of video in accounts across all political spectrums.

If you ask Paul Joseph Watson from, it’s because they are cracking down on pro-Trump pages. Pro-Trump personalities Diamond and Silk were also hit with the demonetization purge and they also claim it’s because YouTube is going after Trump supporters.

While both Watson and Diamond and Silk had their videos demonetized, the rabbit hole goes far deeper than just pro-Trump sites.

If it were just pro-Trump videos being hit with the censorship sweep, then why is Luke Rudkowski, founder of We Are Change, also being purged?

The Free Thought Project spoke to Rudkowski Friday and asked if any of his many videos that were clearly critical of Trump were demonetized. He tells us that all of them were.

Rudkowski is most certainly not a participant of the left/right paradigm, nor is he a Trump supporter, but he was hit as well.

We asked Rudkowski what he thought about people claiming that it’s their pro-Trump status getting them censored, here’s what he said:

“Obviously that is not the case since it looks like they hit me first and my channel is clearly very critical of Donald Trump for the real reasons that the MSM would never touch.”

It’s not just We Are Change and pro-Trump folks either. The folks over at World Socialist Web Site — a far left organization with a clearly advertised agenda — is also being hit.

According to a scathing report from, they aren’t alone either. Google, YouTube’s owner, has reportedly undertaken a similar attack on alternative viewpoints. As wsws reports,

Truthout, a not-for-profit news website that focuses on political, social, and ecological developments from a left progressive standpoint, had its readership plunge by 35 percent since April. The Real News , a nonprofit video news and documentary service, has had its search traffic fall by 37 percent. Another site, Common Dreams , last week told the WSWS that its search traffic had fallen by up to 50 percent.

“This is political censorship of the worst sort; it’s just an excuse to suppress political viewpoints,” Robert Epstein, a former editor in chief of Psychology Today and noted expert on Google, told wsws.

Those who’ve been paying attention predicted this crackdown and watched it come to a head at the beginning of this month when the Anti-Defamation Leauge applauded Google and YouTube for taking on hate speech and extremist content while having the ADL be the ones who decide what gets flagged.

“The fight against terrorist use of online resources and cyberhate has become one of the most daunting challenges in modern history,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “Google has been a leader in this area from the beginning. The reality is extremists and terrorists continue to migrate to and exploit various other social media platforms. We hope that those platforms can learn from and emulate what YouTube is doing to proactively identify and remove extremist content.”

For those that don’t know, last year, the ADL labeled the cartoon, Pepe the frog, a symbol of hate. This irrational behavior is hardly indicative of a third party who ostensibly possesses the skills to determine what people should and shouldn’t see online.

Given these recent moves, we can infer that what is likely happening is far more insidious than pro-Trump censorship or pro-left censorship. While the ADL is likely using their newfound authority to silence those with whom they disagree politically — by labeling them extremists — this new censorship appears to go after anyone who challenges the establishment.

Disagreeing with the status quo is the new hate speech.

Those who challenge the corporate government paradigm are being lumped in with extremist groups and being flagged as hate speech. Sadly, only those who get their information from these alternative sources who are unafraid of challenging the oligarchy will even know this is happening.

It takes years of hard work to build a platform that is able to break through the static shoved out by the mainstream media and reach people still plugged into the matrix. However, once they see the establishment for what it is, this cannot be unseen. The powers that be know this and appear to be moving in to stop it.

Imagine if you never came across alternative media that challenged your thought process and made you question the government. Imagine if you never ‘woke up’ to the atrocities committed by the state on a daily basis. Imagine where you’d be right now without that information. Now, imagine that information is snubbed out forever. Is that a world you want to live in?

We didn’t think so.

If ever there were a time for people to get over their political, religious, racial, sexual, or any other differences — it is now. While we may disagree on different issues, if any one group is allowed to be silenced, it is only a matter of time until everyone else is silenced too.

What makes freedom work is the ability for contrasting ideas to be presented — even if you find them repugnant. When we stop the dissemination of ideas, only one idea prevails and it is certainly not freedom.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …they are so stupid….we don’t care. There will be another site that comes up and is taken down, then there will be black sites that just jump up and close on their own. The people will use The Internet…and before all of the regulations can be put in place, the tech guys will outsmart them. The Elite’s problem now is that they have come to rely on The Internet for information exchange, spying and their huge financial transactions. The more they try to shut down the voices of the people, the more money they will waste trying to police and corral opinion. Fine, let them go broke. Who really needs Google, Facebook or YouTube? Boycott them into financial oblivion.
    RJ O’Guillory

    • gmatch

      Net neutrality will put an end to alternative press.

    • PJ London

      What I anticipate is that China/Russia will see a business opportunity (are you listening Alibaba) and put up alternative options. They have been developing global alternatives in finance, media and hopefully soon in internet options.
      The day came when I realised that I watched RT for the truth and switched off BBC and FOX-CNN.

  • gmatch

    The truth dies first before the war.

  • Zaphod Braden

    FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, REDDIT, GOOGLE are PLACES OF PUBLIC GATHERING, “SOCIAL Media”, and ADVERTISE themselves as PUBLIC places.. They are also PUBLICLY TRADED CORPORATIONS, unlike the PRIVATELY owned and operated “Mom&Pop” Bakery and Party Planner SUED by homosexuals.
    FACEBOOK is a PUBLIC SPACE therefore it has no right or legal option to censor participants. FACEBOOK is a PUBLICLY TRADED company, NOT a “private entity” and it solicits PUBLIC memberships.
    Just as the “courts” say cake bakers HAVE to bake homosexual cakes, and wedding planners HAVE to “accept” homosexual weddings, ZUCKERberg has to accept opinions, videos, and pictures he does not like. These Social Media/Meeting Places must accept anything which is Permissible under the First Amendment.
    The same applies to ALL “social media”, YOUTUBE, and search engines.
    A lowly COUNTY CLERK was jailed for refusing to “do her duty” by not issuing homosexuals marriage licenses The Baker, Planner, and Clerk SHOULD have just said: “You homosexuals VIOLATE OUR COMMUNITY GUIDELINES” !!! They advertise themselves as “Social Media & Public Spaces” so everything that is covered under the First Amendment can be posted there. A Party Planner and a Baker were successfully sued for refusing service to homosexuals ….. these “Social Media” can & should also be sued for violating People’s 1st Amendment RIGHTS to speak freely in PUBLIC SPACES.
    Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. engaging in politically motivated censorship is like your meter reader shutting off your electricity because you have a Trump sign on your lawn. These social media have become like public utilities and therefore have no right to engage in political censorship.

    • PJ London

      No they are not. The CIA funded and created the current Youtube and used Google to control them.
      Gen. Alexander described Google as a “key member of [the US military’s] Defence Industrial Base,”
      Of course you are welcome to provide an alternative to Google/Facebook/Youtube, but I would advise that you stay away from small aeroplanes, night clubs and Arkansas.

      • Zaphod Braden

        They are traded on the stock market ….. I do not care who actually owns them for this point

        • PJ London

          So the companies are ‘owned’ by shareholders, but the shareholders (as represented by the board and management) should have no say in what the company allows!
          Sounds like Communism to me.

  • JMG

    What is killing the Alt Media is not You Tube, but their petty squabbling that has gone on for years if not decades. For silly reasons such as whether or not a man was nailed to a cross thousands of years ago or whether or not a particular country’s government is evil. You Tube was just a way to post and make money without having to deal with each other. The reality is that if all these people link to each other, put their pettiness aside, and then find a small third party third party to link to You Tube would be in serious trouble. Now we’ve gotten to the point where the Alt Media needs band together or they will go extinct. Unfortunately, my vote is one You Tube winning because these entities are that extremely petty and are morons.

  • ddearborn


    Who owns the US media today? It is not Christians nor Muslims. The US media is owned/controlled by zionists……The Congress is controlled by zionists. The Supreme Court is loaded with zionists. Heck, the Federal reserve chair and vice chair are zionist jews. The vice chair having literally taken a plane from Tel Aviv to accept the job. Hollywood is owned/controlled by zionists. The massive censorship drive by “social” media was never about partisan politics or “racism” or even “terrorism” is has always been about censoring the truth about the evils of israel, judaism and the zionists that support them.