After Charlottesville, Globalist Rice Smears Patriots as Racists

In what was condemned as a vile instance of dishonesty, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice employed what is known as a “sandwich smear,” equating patriotic constitutionalists of all races and creeds with National Socialists (Nazis) and the Ku Klux Klan. The globalist member of the establishment swamp known as the Council on Foreign Relations, who according to the New York Timesrejects the “America First” agenda articulated by President Trump and supported by voters, knows what she did was dishonest, critics said. Black and Jewish constitutionalists and patriots offered especially strong condemnations of the bigoted remarks by the Bush-era official.

Writing on social media after the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the former secretary of state specifically attacked the John Birch Society, which played absolutely no role in the protests in Virginia and has always strongly opposed racism. Indeed, not one single media report has mentioned the Society in connection with the events in Charlottesville, because there was no link whatsoever. By contrast, the JBS has been publishing articles showing that the violence in Virginia advances the agendas of leftists and racists. And the JBS position has always been clear: While Council on Foreign Relations member William F. Buckley argued for white supremacy in his magazine National Review in the late 1950s, the young John Birch Society was busy expelling racists and anti-Semites from the movement and publishing the writings of prominent black Birchers such as George Schuyler.

Ironically, in light of Rice’s comments, the JBS has been a powerful force against both the KKK and National Socialism (Nazism). Working with the FBI, members of the Society have actually played key roles in bringing down some of the Klan’s most violent murderers. Reverend Delmar Dennis was a JBS member who, with permission from JBS headquarters, and at great personal risk to himself, infiltrated the most violent Klan in U.S. history, the White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi. He played a crucial role in bringing down some of its murderous members. And considering the Society’s fierce opposition to socialism, communism, and fascism — not to mention its many Jewish members and leaders over the years, including some who survived the Holocaust — it goes without saying that the JBS has always been a major foe to Nazis and their agenda.

Still, Rice, for reasons that were not made clear in her post, felt the need to smear JBS by listing it in-between racist and collectivist organizations and ideologies that the JBS has always vehemently opposed. “Those of us who lived the horrors of Jim Crow and segregation know how much it hurts to be hated for the color of your skin. The KKK, the John Birch Society, and Nazis belong to that awful past,” Rice said, omitting the fact that unlike many conservative organizations, the Birch Society had many prominent black Americans as members even during that era, and still does today. “And they should stay buried there. They have no place in our country’s politics or in our society. We must condemn them and their actions unequivocally.


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