Burn Hollywood Burn: Last Friday’s revenue take for the top 10 movies across America was a whopping $12 million dollars

The news couldn’t be better. Hollywood is quietly going bust. But who’s to blame? Is it the emergence of tech and the ever popular takeover of streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and On Demand? Could it be Americans are broke, and they can’t afford to charge another $60 on their already maxed out credit cards? Is it the lack of creativity that Hollywood has produced over the few years? Or is it that the repulsive liberal agenda which has infected Hollywood since its inception has finally lost its luster with the American people?

According to a recent report at Showbiz 411 Friday, August 25th’s box office numbers were horrendous. The top 10 movies across America barely scraped together $12 million dollars in sales. To put this into perspective, Wonder Woman, which opened on Friday, June 2nd earned over $38 million on its opening day. That’s more than twice as much as the ten movies COMBINED from August 25th.

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Historically, we are witnessing the first cracks in the wall of Hollywoods failing business model. Luckily for us, film industry’s arrogance will ultimately be their downfall as theatres are going the way of record and book stores. The stranglehold Hollywood once had on society will eventually be broken only to be replaced by another damning technological breakthrough forced fed to us by the globalists….Burn Hollywood Burn.

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