Welcome to BALTIMORE: America’s Inner City Hellhole

Long ago Baltimore was once considered the place to be on the east coast. The city was vibrant due to a busy port and an abundance of manufacturing jobs; now you can’t find a single fortune 500 company in Baltimore, let alone the greater Baltimore region.

I often joke with my wife that she is the only good thing that has come out of Baltimore in the last 30 years. She grew up in Towson, a suburb right outside of the City, and when we go back to visit her family even she has trouble believing what has become of her hometown.

A ride through Baltimore usually consists of locking your doors, rolling up your windows and having your head on a 360-degree swivel. Baltimore faces the same challenges as many other inner cities: rotting infrastructure, thousands of abandoned homes, potholes that haven’t been fixed in almost a decade, and trash littered everywhere on the side of the road. These are just the basic things your tax dollars should be taking care of. On the flip side, Baltimore has more pressing problems like a skyrocketing murder rate, a  police force that’s gone rogue, a heroin and opioid epidemic that is ruining the city, violent street gangs, a school system that is failing to teach kids the basic like reading and math, economic woes and a city Government that is always involved in a scandal.

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I’m no Republican, but isn’t it ironic that most inner city S***holes a mismanaged by Democrats?

If you want to get a feel for Baltimore, look at some of these insane videos that showcase the highlights of a fallen city.

If those video’s don’t do it for you just read some of these headlines from the past year. One has to wonder how much further can Baltimore sink?

The police department has officially gone rogue and turned into a band of armed thugs who are just as bad as the criminals.

Crime is spiraling out of control.

The heroin and opioid epidemic has reached crisis level.

Judges and Politicians are 100% of the problem in Baltimore, the city has a long history of corruption.

Baltimore City schools are an epic failure.

Baltimore’s economic woes.


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