Left-wing professor denounces “whiteness” of farmers’ markets… yep, buying fresh food from local farmers is now a racist activity

Are you a white person? Do you occasionally like to visit a farmers’ market to buy healthy, locally-grown food from farmers? Well according to two professors from San Diego State University, that just might make you a racist.

Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J. Bosco, both of whom teach geography at SDSU, recently tried to connect “whiteness” to farmers’ markets in a chapter for Just Green Enough, a new anthology published by Routledge last month. Specifically, the chapter is meant to put emphasis on the harms of “environmental gentrification,” which refers to the process in which “environmental improvements lead to… the displacement of long-term residents.”

Bosco and Joassart-Marcelli argue that farmers’ markets are an example of an environmental improvement that leads to gentrification, and that farmers’ markets are “exclusionary” because of the fact that some people who live in the area may not be able to “afford the food and/or feel excluded from these new spaces.”

The two professors from San Diego State University go on to say that this social exclusion that can occur in communities across the country is reinforced by the “whiteness of farmers’ markets” as well as the “white habitus” that they often reinforce. Joassart-Marcelli and Bosco then described farmers’ markets as “white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized.”

First and foremost, if the argument of these two professors is that farmers’ markets are racist due to the fact that they exclude some residents who can’t afford the locally grown fruits and vegetables, then by this same logic, anything that is of value is racist as well. Are houses racist because some people can afford them while others can’t? What about the movie theater, since not everyone is able to freely spend twenty-five dollars on a ticket and a bucket of popcorn? The entire argument made by Joassart-Marcelli and Bosco is completely absurd – it doesn’t make any sense. (Related: For more news on left wing stupidity, visit libtard.news.)

Furthermore, why are so many people in our country, whether they reside in Washington D.C., in the mainstream media, Hollywood, college classrooms or elsewhere, so hellbent on making anything and everything about race? It’s as if these people (who are usually leftists if we’re being honest with ourselves) are incapable of seeing anything but black and white. Ironically, these are the same ideologues who constantly lecture the American people on the importance of “acceptance” and “unity.” They don’t even realize that they are the ones pulling us further and further apart – or maybe they do realize it, in which case we’ve got bigger problems on our hands than we originally thought. (Related: A Boston University professor has claimed that the Christmas song Jingle Bells is racist.)

Recently, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson released a hilarious list of 100 things that liberals have actually called racist in the past, most of which don’t anything to do with skin color whatsoever. On the list were things like trees, Disney movies, milk, science, military camouflage, lucky charms cereal, expecting people to show up on time (like for work, for example), babies, the Bible, McDonald’s, the British Monarchy, and much more. It’s amazing, but it appears as though it is now more difficult to identify things in this country that aren’t racist (according to the left) than it is to identify things that are. (Related: A university professor has identified math as racist because whites have a natural advantage.)

And yet, that’s exactly the problem. The liberals have gone so far overboard with calling things racist, that the term itself is increasingly becoming more and more meaningless. If everything is racist, then nothing is racist; if everything is connected to whiteness, then nothing is connected to whiteness. The sooner the liberals learn this, the better. Unfortunately, they likely never will.

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