380 sheriffs across 40 U.S. states urge Trump to build a border wall to stop the flood of drug-running illegals

Nearly 400 sheriffs from around the country who are affiliated with the National Sheriffs’ Association are calling upon Congress to pass legislation that will at long last secure the southern border. Among the recommendations, the sheriffs want barriers to be constructed at the border along with upgrades to current fencing. They also propose that visas be put on hold for countries that lack adequate vetting and demand an end to sanctuary jurisdictions which are noncompliant with federal immigration law, particularly when it comes to detaining violent illegal alien felons.

“Year after year, we have been warning the Federal government about detrimental increases in transnational drug trafficking, gang violence, sex trafficking, murder, and other escalating incidents of crime by illegal aliens entering our country. Because Congress has failed to enact the necessary reforms, our citizens and legal residents face even greater dangers, our national security is more vulnerable, and our enforcement efforts have been seriously compromised,” the letter asserts.

As one of his principal campaign promises, President Trump vowed to build a border wall to protect America from wrongdoers such as narcotics and human smugglers, criminal gangs, and international terrorists. Thanks to obstructionist Democrats and spineless Republicans, the $1.3 trillion federal spending bill that the president reluctantly signed last month contained no funding for the border wall even though several prototypes already have been built. Trump deemed it a down payment, however.

“Without border security and immigration reform, more Americans will continue to be victims of crime. Now is the time to act,” the letter signed by 380 sheriffs from 40 states concludes.

The National Sheriffs’ Association describes itself as one of the largest organizations of law enforcement professionals in the U.S. which represents 3,000-plus elected sheriffs and with a total membership in excess of 20,000.

In a development that is perhaps out of an “Alice in Wonderland” upside-down world, unhinged, virtue-signaling far-left California Democrats who have a stranglehold on state government have threatened to sue or jail sheriffs who cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the apprehension of dangerous criminal offenders. California has already passed legislation declaring itself a sanctuary state. In response, a grassroots effort has been launched to overturn the law by a referendum that would appear on the ballot in November 2020. (Related: Read more about the lawlessness of big government at LiberalMob.com.)

In the meantime, according to the headlines, a caravan of illegal immigrants mainly from Honduras is reportedly headed to the U.S., and President Trump has said that he will deploy the military to seal the border.

As Natural News has suggested, there is no greater responsibility for the U.S. president than to protect and defend our country. Moreover, the preamble to the U.S. Constitution says that the founding document is being enacted to ensure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense.

Although globalist Republicans have a lot of explaining to do about illegal immigrants flooding into the U.S. over many years and their lip service to border security, as Health Ranger Mike Adams, the founding editor of Natural News, has explained, Democrats have pushed an array of economic incentives including entitlement benefits to encourage undocumented individuals to enter the country illegally as a power play to expand their voter base.

Watch Texas Sheriff A.J. Louderback and Massachusetts Sheriff Thomas Hodgson discuss the border-security letter to Congress that they signed during appearances on the Fox Business Channel and the Fox News Channel, respectively, in the videos embedded below.

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